Around the Conference Table: Week 2


This season, we’re rounding up our writers for their views on other conference games that took place during gameweek.

TD_24 — utes crazy. Utes certainly didn’t play badly.

Avinash – Start drawing Utah vs. USC as Pac-12 Game of the Year. This team is going to be mad with rage next month about the game against Florida.

Christopher_h – Haven’t watched this yet, but looks like Utah got rid of last week’s frustration on SUU.

TD_24 – This defense of Washington State is legitimate. So much depth and rotations on the defensive line that can get the job done.

AvinashCal in Washington State advertises itself as the Spiderman pointing to the Spiderman meme. Two highly respected defensive coordinators capable of impressive wins in OOC…but the boy will be offensively will be a huge question mark.

Piotr T Le – Wisconsin out Coug-ed the Cougars, one of the achievements of Blood Moon Week.

Christopher_h – Great work from Washington State, but Wisconsin has some serious issues on offense, especially at QB.

TD_24 – Buffs are bad. I took Air Force -17.5 with confidence, especially playing Colorado Springs.

Avinash – Colorado gave up 355 rushing yards per game, the last in the nation, 84 yards ahead of second-last place. Colorado passed for 51 yards and converted a third against the Air Force. It’s a very sad football team.

Piotr T Le – We’re all Cal fans and we have our share of problems, but at least we’re not Buffs fans. Yeah

Bk97 – Is it too early to think the Buffs have a reasonable chance of finishing the season without a win?

Christopher_h – Colorado is alone at the bottom of the Pac-12. To be fair, the heavy rain would favor a team like the Air Force that never throws the ball at all, but Colorado’s defense was intimidated by the Air Force.

TD_24 – The Huskies take care of business. They have a big litmus test next week when Michigan State comes to Seattle.

Avinash – Jaden Casey had an assist in this game! Good for him. On the bad side, Washington looks like a competent football team again. I don’t think we can win with 20 points or less.

Christopher_h – I haven’t seen it yet, but UW is favored over Michigan State next week after playing against much less talented teams like Kent State and Portland State. Guess we’ll see if UW is real next week.

TD_24 – DTR is a little stoned, Ethan Garbers cleans it up. Stay tuned in case there’s a slight QB controversy if DTR can’t play.

Avinash – Ethan Garbers came into this game in the second quarter! Zach Charbonnet did not play. It’s a very unserious game and month for the Bruins, whose toughest game is against South Alabama next week.

Bk97 – The acres of empty seats in the Rose Bowl reflect just how awful this OOC slate is. I don’t think we’re going to learn anything significant about the Bruins until Washington visits Sept. 30.

Christopher_h – I was wondering where Laviska Shenault’s brother went after he left Colorado. It will be a few more weeks before UCLA plays a real team – Bowling Green, Alabama State and South Alabama have to be the sweetest Pac-12 OOC schedule in recent history. Here’s hoping southern Alabama can reap some of that upset Sun Belt magic, though.

TD_24 – Well, ASU tried hard, but they’re just too decimated right now to win these types of games. They can, however, have some upsets on the Pac 12 route.

Avinash – I just want Herm Edwards to continue to survive and thrive, keep doing what you are doing Herm! Arizona State is just 25 cliche speeches and 450 hours away from early morning starts to take it to the next level, you have this.

Christopher_h – Oklahoma State is a good team (one game less than the playoffs last year), so there’s no shame in losing this one. ASU did better than I expected after so many talented players jumped ship this offseason, but it looks like ASU is at least in the top half of the Pac-12 South, it’s is to say that it remains a solid team.

TD_24 – Tried to tell everyone that this USC offense is legit. Could actually drop 50 on anyone in any given week.

Avinash – That’s how you turtle. USC took a 42-14 halftime lead and started chasing after that. The defense is still pretty porous and likely precluding a full conference sweep, but the Farmers have shown a lot more grit and creativity offensively as well. Stanford is far from good with this defense, but if this offense keeps playing like this, they can probably score an upset or two this season.

Piotr T Le – Unfortunately for another year, Team Meteor could not appear during this match

Bk97 – USC destroyed the LSJU defense with simple plays like screens simply because their athleticism and skill on offense is on another level. I’m not ready for the rise of the USC Death Star.

Christopher_h – This game wasn’t as close as the score may seem…USC scored 5 touchdowns in its 5 drives in the first half, before slowing down. USC’s defense is suspect, but I guess (as Lincoln Riley did in Oklahoma) most teams won’t have the horses on offense to keep up.

TD_24 – The Ducks were crazy. And they didn’t play badly in the end.

Avinash – Huh, the best drafted team in the conference over the last half-decade apparently isn’t toast. I think Oregon still has a better chance we’d like to consider winning the Pac-12 because they get Utah home and avoid USC but next week’s game against a BYU team very mission-driven will likely say where they stand for talent and coaching.

Christopher_h – I really liked former EWU QB Eric Barriere, but I figured without him they’d probably be in trouble.

TD_24 – Game of the night from afar. Balls on Jonathon Smith to go for it as time expired and Jack Colletto was going crazy in those goal setting situations. Really big Jeff Tedford PTSDs also rang out in this game. Hopefully more Pac 12 teams head to Fresno to play.

Avinash – Add Jack Colletto to the list of beavers that will probably haunt every Pac-12 fan in our nightmares. Jeff Tedford tries and misses a long field goal instead of going for it to potentially seal the game, then calls a timeout for Oregon State to put the offense on the field for the game-winning touchdown, and a Either way, it’s not his most painful loss to Oregon. State. The Bears remember that.

Piotr T Le – Tedford continues to respect and fear the Beaver.

Bk97 – Big comeback win for the Beavs at a venue notorious for taking down Pac-12 teams. With neither team having a double-digit lead and three lead changes in the final two minutes, it was probably the best game of the week that no one watched. The OSU defense had moderate success pressuring Haener, but they struggled to play when they couldn’t generate pressure. A berth in the bowl seems likely, but a berth in the first half of the conference is possible if they achieve more defensive consistency.

Christopher_h – It was a very balanced game and a great finish. Props to OSU for going for the win with 3 seconds left instead of taking the FG into overtime. I like Chance Nolan, but his receivers need to stop dropping so many easy holds. I think OSU is good, not great, and will probably be 1-2 games over bowl eligibility.

TD_24 – Arizona is improving but too many errors from Jayden De Laura have doomed them here. They had chances to tie and take the lead and they certainly have to clean up with North Dakota St next week.


I really, really pray that Cal gets this version of Jayden from Laura. we get the version right and we could lose our fifteenth straight heartbreaker. We get this version and we could…probably still lose, but we could win!

Christopher_h – This game looked like Mississippi State was the most talented team. Mike Leach would hate it, but they could have rushed over 10 yards every play if they wanted to. After the announcers constantly excited Arizona receivers, they had a number of slips and errors. Laura’s Jayden tried to improvise a whole offense and just seemed to be on a different page than everyone else. Big test against FCS NDSU Eternal Champions to come.

TD_24 – Cal is 2-0 and unscathed. Not how I wanted to be here, but here’s a good game in South Bend.

Avinash – Notre Dame’s defense is really good and their offense is very confusing. Sound familiar? I really have no idea what’s going to happen in this one. South Dakota State nearly upset Iowa, then barely held off UC Davis. I’m now rooting for a Cal vs. Iowa bowling game that will end college football as we know it as we ascend to a higher plane of existence.

Piotr T Le – I couldn’t attend most games because of A CAL FAN WHO DECIDED TO GET MARRIED DURING FOOTBALL SEASON. sth

Christopher_h – It was 100% a Craig Woodson interception. If the defender has both hands wrapped around the ball tucked into their chest, extending one arm after the defender has already touched the ground and rolled with the ball does not suddenly make it a simultaneous grip. Get out of here, refs.

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