Desk 27 integrates Google’s conference call technology with a single device



Materials company Aruliden worked with Google Workspace to develop a touch screen that combines Googlemeeting software with interactive hardware and noise cancellation capabilities.

Part of the Google Series One range, Desk 27 was designed to update conference call technology to meet the demands of working from home. He was shortlisted in the workplace design category for Dezeen Awards 2022.

Aruliden designed a monitor for Google’s conferencing software

Aruliden work with Google workspace and technology company Lawyer to create the conferencing system that uses Wi-Fi, a versatile touchscreen, and sound-canceling technology.

The Desk 27 sits on a table and can also work as a monitor and laptop docking station, while the Board 65 – the other variant in the series – stands on its own, like a whiteboard.

“We approached the design of Desk 27 and Board 65 by imagining what the future meeting room would look like and how meetings could be enhanced by a multifunctional hardware solution that facilitates an inclusive and comfortable conferencing experience,” said Johan, co -founder of Aruliden. Liden.

office 27 google conference
Desk 27 is part of Google Series One

Desk 27 is available in two colours, anthracite and chalk. It has a five-megapixel camera and a 10-inch touchscreen controller with a layout familiar to those who already use Google’s conferencing technology.

Aruliden said having as few wires as possible was an important design aspect, and the system was designed with a Power over Ethernet cable that provides internet and power with the same input.

office 27 google conference
The product functions as a touchscreen controller for conferences, a laptop docking station or a monitor

The system also has an integrated soundbar with two arrays of four microphones. This hardware runs Google’s TrueVoice audio system, which the company says uses AI to reduce background noise and clarify speech.

“That means distracting sounds, like nibbling or typing on a keyboard, are suppressed, but vocals are crystal clear,” Aruliden said.

office 27 google conference
The soundbar has noise reduction functions

The soundbar can process up to 44 different channels simultaneously, allowing for large conference calls and options for closed captioning and headset use have been included.

“Desk 27’s sculptural shape makes it approachable, while its subtle surface texture and matte finish allow it to blend into any environment,” Aruliden said. “The tilting desk stand also allows users to view the screen whether they are seated or standing.”

Via the Jamboard app, the screen can also function as a whiteboard, with a small docking station for a digital stylus placed below the screen.

Aruliden also said that while the device was designed to work best with Google Meet, any conferencing software could be used on the device.

According to the team, recycled materials were also used for the design. The polycarbonate and ABS case uses “post-consumer recycled content,” said Aruliden, who added that the fabric covers contain recycled polyester and nylon.

Office 27 Aruliden
Office 27 has a 5 MP camera

Aruliden was launched in 2006 and is headquartered in New York. Other products developed by the brand include s wearable “fitness trainer” that tracks health metrics and has no screen to improve comfort.

The company has also designed large-scale projects, such as a point of sale for the women’s clothing brand Jonathan Simkhai At New York.

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