Executive Boardroom Work Turns into Expanded Business Opportunity for California Integrator


For large meeting spaces, Next Step recommended a 3×3 video wall using Samsung UM55H-E Matrix displays. This design also required the use of two 75-inch Samsung screens on each side for presentations, and Athens loved the recommendations. (All images courtesy of Next Step Audio and Video)

Brian Hill, owner of Next Step Audio and Video in Concord, Calif., Likes to follow the age-old mantra that “luck is when preparation meets opportunity”, and that was certainly the case with this project. resimercial.

Because he often talks about the work being done by Next Step Audio and Video, Hill took advantage of an opportunity that presented itself to him when a business owner recalled conversations about video installations and asked him to bidding on the Athens Directors executive boardroom project… which, in turn, led to other opportunities.

The design and set-up of the conference room was fairly straightforward, says Hill. Two Samsung 75-inch displays were selected for installation, while a Denon AVR-X3600H was specified for audio.

Built-in HEOS for in-room background music meets customer needs, says Hill, and the Klipsch PRO-24-RW-LCR-WH and A2V A2V1C65PF in-wall speakers completed the AV system.

A Logitech Harmony Pro 2400 is in control. Next Step installed the components on a Middle Atlantic CWR-18-26PD 18U wall-mounted rack – using the wall bracket to keep floor space free for storage.

Initial resimercial The results give the possibility of arranging a larger space

To help bring it all together, the aesthetic was developed by Be, based in Concord, California. Workplace design. “The result was mind-blowing,” Hill said of the design collaboration. “The marble conference table matching the books and the white counters on the side give the room a majestic feel. “

The sleek aesthetic complements the sleek AV in the Athens Directors Executive Boardroom.

After the executive boardroom was completed, Next Step was invited to tender for the design / construction of a large meeting space in Athens.

The customer’s initial idea was a projection screen, but Next Step recommended a 3 × 3 video wall using Samsung UM55H-E Matrix screens. This design also required the use of two 75-inch Samsung screens on each side for presentations, and Athens loved the recommendations, Hill recalls.

For sound, the integrator called on Klipsch’s in-house design team and delivered a system with two huge KI-365-SMA-II front speakers, eight IC-650T-WH ceiling speakers. and an additional 15-inch SP-150W subwoofer for the back of the room.

A Denon AVR-8500H was used and, as in the executive conference room, HEOS can be used for background music.

Just Add Power transmitters and receivers were the choice for video matrix controls. An RTI XP-8v processor running through a Luxul AMS-2624P, 24-port managed switch, controlled by a few iPads, has been deployed for user controls, says Hill.

Next Step Audio and Video Overcome Microphones and Remote Control Challenges

For this resimercial work, Next Step Audio and Video has also overcome some challenges.

“A unique piece of this puzzle was the incorporation of microphones into the system. We used a Yamaha QL1 digital sound card, for professional sound mixing, and the Shure GLXD14R / WL185-Z2 and GLXD24R / SM58-Z2 wireless handheld microphones to transmit the sound to the mixer, ”explains Hill.

The card output is wired into the Denon AVR. When not in use for large meetings, the room can function as a theater by showing video or video content on the video wall.

Meanwhile, a remote control room to run production also proved difficult, but to make it easier for the person running the soundboard and computers, Next Step installed two Hikvision cameras and an NVR. of 4TB with video output going to a screen above the board.

“These video feeds, along with the Zoom camera video feeds, help the person control the show above everything in the auditorium,” Hill said. “The last screen above the sound card is for a workstation computer so the person controlling the show can multitask / search / stream on the fly. “

Take a look at this project by scrolling through the slideshow.

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