Ghislaine Maxwell barricaded herself in the prison conference room: the feds



Ghislaine Maxwell used a cart full of legal documents to “barricade herself” in a conference room in a Brooklyn dungeon, causing a “security threat,” prosecutors said.

Maxwell – Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged madam – was allowed to meet with her attorneys in a virtual teleconference room at the Metropolitan Detention Center ahead of her trial on charges she allegedly prepared underage rape victims for the deceased pedophile.

But at one of the meetings, Maxwell used a cart to hold legal documents “to barricade the door to the VTC room, preventing MDC staff from being able to access the room,” federal prosecutors in Manhattan said. in a letter to a judge on Monday.

“Due to the security threat posed … the accused is no longer allowed to bring the cart into the room,” the letter continued, noting that Maxwell can now only take what she can take for meetings. ‘one hour during the week.

Ghislaine Maxwell pictured with a black eye from court documents.

Lawyer for 59-year-old British socialite Bobbi Sternheim hit back Tuesday in a letter accusing prosecutors of not being able to “resist the opportunity to take a negative look at Ghislaine Maxwell for free as she defends everything awards the Metropolitan Detention Center, regardless of the facts.

Sternheim denied that his client used the cart to block access to the room and claimed prosecutors made it a problem “when it never has been – to justify the restriction on the amount of legal documents. that Ms. Maxwell can bring into the VTC room on any day, ”the letter said.

Sternheim further asserted that the rules are constantly changing about which legal documents Maxwell can access based on the rotation of guards – affecting the productivity of the defense “and compromising Ms. Maxwell’s ability to prepare for trial.”

Manhattan Federal Judge Alison Nathan has asked Maxwell’s attorneys to let the court know if they have any communication issues with their client.

But in the meantime, “The court remains satisfied that Ms Maxwell is fully capable of communicating with her defense attorney and preparing for trial,” Nathan wrote in an order Wednesday.

Exterior view of the Metropolitan Detention Center where Ghislaine Maxwell is being held.
Exterior view of the Metropolitan Detention Center where Ghislaine Maxwell is being held.
Anthony Behar / Sipa United States
Court sketch by Ghislaine Maxwell.
Ghislaine Maxwell will no longer be allowed to bring the cart into the room and will now only be able to take what she can carry for one-hour meetings on weekdays.
Jane Rosenberg / REUTERS

Maxwell has pleaded not guilty to an indictment of eight counts, including charges of sex trafficking. If she is found guilty at trial – which is scheduled for late November – she risks up to 80 years behind bars.

Maxwell’s lawyers have repeatedly requested his release on bail, which Nathan has denied on each occasion.

Sternheim did not immediately return a request for comment.

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