Ghislaine Maxwell “tried to barricade herself in the prison conference room by blocking the door with a document cart”



GHISLAINE Maxwell attempted to “barricade himself” in a prison conference room, it is claimed.

The heiress, accused of being the mistress of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, allegedly created a “security threat” by blocking the door with a cart full of legal documents.


Ghislaine Maxwell tried to “barricade” herself in a prison conference room, according to US prosecutorsCredit: Getty

The dispute is the latest over conditions at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Brooklyn, New York, where Maxwell, 59, is being held ahead of her trial.

There have been arguments that her cell was not clean and claims that she does not flush the toilet.

US prosecutors said Maxwell had in the past been able to bring a “cart full of legal documents” into the video conference room.

They wrote: “However, the accused used this cart to barricade the door, thus preventing MDC personnel from accessing the room. Due to the security threat posed, the accused is no longer allowed to bring the cart into the room. “

The letter to a judge responded to claims by lawyers that Maxwell’s access to video conferencing had been disrupted.

She denies having procured girls and faces trial in November.

Financier Epstein, 66, committed suicide in prison in 2019 on charges of child sex trafficking.

Ghislaine Maxwell accused of being the madam of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein


Ghislaine Maxwell accused of being the madam of pedophile Jeffrey EpsteinCredit: Getty – Contributor
Bill Clinton “joined Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell on TWO secret voyages and flew aboard pedo’s Lolita Express jet,” according to a podcast

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