How much money Tottenham will make with the Europa Conference League explained


Tottenham Hotspur have earned € 4.5million for reaching the group stages of the new Europa Conference League, which is more than any of the other 31 teams in the competition, but only around 10% of the amount cashed in by Chelsea in the Champions League.

Nuno Espirito Santo’s side, which lost to Crystal Palace on Saturday, will start Group G in Rennes on Thursday evening at 5.45 p.m. and will also face Slovenians Mura and Dutch Vitesse Arnhem in a competition that hardly hit the ground. imagination of supporters. .

The North London club have the highest ten-year coefficient of any rivals, meaning they’ve been entitled to a slightly larger share of the pool, but the prizes offered are paltry compared to the Champions League and the Europa League.

Each club participating in the Conference League will receive € 2.94 million, including € 500,000 for each victory in the group stage and € 166,000 for a draw.

Reaching the round of 16 will be worth an additional € 600,000, with € 1 million offered for the quarter-finals, € 2 million for the semi-finals and € 3 million for the final. The winner will receive an additional 2 million euros.

The maximum amount a team can win is just over € 15million, well below the Champions League’s maximum € 89million.

There is a € 23.5million broadcast pool to be shared between teams, presumably using a Champions League-like formula in which teams are rewarded for where they finished in domestic competition. last season. has a new podcast! We’ve brought together your two favorite journalists from Tottenham at Alasdair Gold and Rob Guest to keep you up to date with everything that is happening at Hotspur Way.

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According to 6.7% of UEFA’s € 3.5 billion in commercial income will go to the Conference League, compared to 58% to the Champions League and 13.2% to the Europa League.

The rest is for organizational costs and solidarity payments, including 10 million euros for the Women’s Champions League.

The distribution is similar for a prize money of 2.7 billion euros, of which 235 million euros (8.6%) for the Conference League, 465 million euros (17%) for the Europa League and 2, 02 billion euros (74.1%) for the Champions League. The remaining € 7million (0.3%) went to the Super Cup, which Chelsea won in Belfast last month.

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