Jose Mourinho: Tottenham should respect UEFA Europa Conference League


Dare Mourinho has said Tottenham would have to respect the UEFA Europa Conference League if they find themselves in the new competition next season.

Spurs will be guaranteed a place in the play-offs of the new European football tertiary club competition if they beat Manchester City in the Carabao Cup final next week.

With City already guaranteed to be top-six in the Premier League, if they retain the trophy on April 25, the Conference League spot will go to the next best player in the league who does not qualify for the Premier League. champions or the Europa League – which could be Spurs.

Mourinho’s side are seventh ahead of Friday’s visit to Everton and the manager has claimed that even securing a top six will be “difficult” in the remaining seven matches of the season.

The Conference League would involve trips to the backwaters of European football and among the clubs already ready to take part in next season’s competition are the Luxembourg team placed fourth, the winners of the Liechtenstein Cup and the teams ranked second, third and fourth in the Maltese elite.

Either way, Mourinho says Tottenham must treat every competition with respect, even the one they consider below them.

“The same way we treat every competition,” said the Spurs manager.

“Every competition, we try to win every game and of course we don’t – we never thought we were going to do it.

“But since the start of the season this season we’ve been trying to treat every competition the same. So I see no reason not to treat competitions with the same respect.

“If the size of the club and the prestige of the club is greater than let’s say the level or prestige of any competition, then I still think it is the responsibility of the club to respect the competition and bring to the the competition probably credit or prestige that at that time the competition does not have.

“So I think that’s what you have to respect every competition you’re involved in. “


The official Dulux account posted a photo of an empty cabinet, stamped with the Tottenham emblem and accompanied by the caption “unused trophy cabinet” in response to a Twitter user who asked if the painting would be stored in the club trophy room.

In a separate tweet, Dulux also warned that “surfaces must be free of dust before painting”.

Another user asked if the dog Dulux could play center, with the company’s account suggesting he “could do a better job” than Spurs defenders.

The messages were quickly deleted and the company has since apologized and said it was investigating what happened.

Mourinho insisted he was unaware of the controversy, but suggested it could be a smart business strategy on the brand’s part.

“I don’t know what you are talking about, but maybe it is an incredible strategic move,” he said.

“Maybe if I’m going to criticize something and realize that it was a business or strategic situation, then I’d be in a bad position. I don’t know. But in any case, it isn’t. not a football related thing and I don’t know.

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