Man confronts squirrel on conference call in hilarious video



A hilarious confrontation between a squirrel and a man was captured in a video that was shared on TikTok where it quickly went viral.

Posted by TikTok user @whoalaureik on September 16 the video amassed over 2 million views by showing the man screaming once the squirrel ran towards him.

“Just your average conference call,” reads the video’s caption.

Here, an image of a yawning squirrel. A woman has posted a video that has gone viral showing her husband’s face-to-face with a squirrel who entered the house during a conference call.

According human societya squirrel that has ended up in someone’s house will look for a way out.

“Place all pets in another room. Close all interior doors and open an exterior window or door into the room,” the organization said. “Leave the squirrel alone, so he can find his way.”

If there is no exit available for the squirrel, the owner is advised to set a humane trap with peanut butter and then release the animal outside.

The video showed @whoalaureik’s husband sitting at his desk during his conference call when he abruptly swung his chair around to survey his desk.

He looked around for a moment before turning around and grabbing a bat leaning against the wall.

Suddenly he started screaming and backed into his office when a squirrel appeared next to his chair.

” Go on ! Go away ! @whoalaureik’s husband yelled before jumping on his desk.

The squirrel jumped towards the desk, prompting @whoalaureik’s husband to back off.

He continued to scream and ran around the squirrel that was seen next to his chair just as the video ended.

This issue, according to @whoalaureik, has happened before.

“The squirrel had broken in and then hid in the fireplace for a few days prior to this,” she said in the comments section.

TikToker @whoalaureik said their home is surrounded by pine trees and squirrels are “thriving”.

Viewers took to the comments section to share their thoughts.

“All I hear is Marv from Home Alone 2,” one viewer commented.

“The squirrel is probably like, ‘what! What!? Where is he!??’ commented another viewer.

“At least he stayed calm,” one viewer joked.

“Imagine what the other guy on the conference call must have thought was going on…” one comment read.

TikTok user @whoalaureik has since shared several videos on her account that show other tense confrontations between her husband and the squirrels.

Newsweek contacted @whoalaureik for comment.

This is not the first animal video that has delighted viewers.

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A viral clip showed the mess caused by a woman feeding a giraffe in an English safari park.

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