Minor cardinals forced to sleep on chairs in conference hall


The minor leaguers of the St. Louis Cardinals organization had the worst hotel rooms ever on a road trip to San Antonio.

Road trips are tough enough without miserable conditions adding to the stress.

The minor leaguers of the St. Louis Cardinals Double-A branch had a nightmare in San Antonio when they were forced to sleep in a hotel conference room.

The video of players sleeping on chairs stuck together as makeshift beds speak for itself.

24-year-old Springfield outfielder Nick Plummer said the hotel was to blame for failing to register the team’s reservation.


Finding another set of rooms at 3 a.m. was apparently not possible.

Someone screwed up big, and the Minor Leaguers had to pay the price.

The Cardinals’ minor leaguers are not the only ones forced into ridiculous situations

Whether or not this was an avoidable mistake, the plight of minor league baseball players continues to be highlighted with examples of the ridiculous conditions professional athletes must endure.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported on an astonishing situation in Oakland, where A’s minor leagues have to pay more for their stay at the team’s hotel in Stockton while staying home than their paycheck. could cover. At least when they hit the road, the team covers their hotel costs.

As the Cardinals have proven, it can be a boon to the wallet, but hell on the back.

The Minor Leaguers don’t seem to be able to take a break. It will be up to Major League Baseball to begin to resolve all of these issues.

The Springfield Cardinals will play six games in San Antonio this week. They’ll be more rested for Game 2 of this series on Wednesday than for Tuesday’s outing, assuming the team sort out their situation at the hotel.

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