Spurs Odyssey Europa Conference League match report


(third day)
(5:45 p.m. BST)

Wittek, 78 years old

Attendance: – 23 931

Referee: – Harm Osmers
Assistants: – Marco Achmüller & Robert Kempter
Fourth official: – Robert Schröder
(All officials from Germany)

Teams: –
Speed ​​(3-4-3): – Schubert; Doekhi (Captain), Bazoer, Rasmussen; Dasa, Bero, Tronstad, Wittek (under Hajek, 87); Frederiksen (under Buitink, 85), Darfalou, Openda (under Oroz, 90 + 1)

Unused Submarines: Houwen, Van Haveren (GKs); Cornelisse; Gboho, Domgjoni, Vroegh, Huisman; Vonmoos, Yapi

Reserved: – Bero (foul on Scarlett), Wittek (foul on Markanday), Buitink (kick after free kick)

Spurs (4-2-3-1): – Gollini; Tanganga, Sanchez, Rodon, Davies (Captain); Wink, Lo Celso; Gil, Dele, Bergwijn; Scarlett (under Markanday, 75)

Unused Submarines: Austin (GK); Fagan-Walcott, Cesay, Lyons-Foster, Blanc; John, Clarke, Matthew Craig, Michael Craig

Reserved: – Bergwijn (preventing a free kick), Sanchez (foul on Openda), Scarlett (foul on Schubert), Winks (Dissent)

Nuno’s B-Team turns out to be the second best

When the match commentator mentioned that in 6 previous European encounters with English clubs Vitesse had failed to even score, you knew they were going to break their duck today. So it turned out, because Nuno’s B team turned out to be second best and second. A number of questions arise from this result: –

1. Do Spurs really care about this competition?
2. Did Nuno grossly underestimate his task in this game?
3. Does his decision to leave Sunday’s top-eleven at home in preparation for West Ham leave players who started tonight with psychological damage in the sense that they know they are second choice for games? Premier League?

The evidence certainly supports the idea that none of tonight’s squad did enough to prove themselves worthy of selection over those at home. Vitesse had their biggest crowd in ten years tonight and the atmosphere they created and maintained throughout the game was searing. Either the pitch was heavy or the Spurs just weren’t fit or quick enough to provide decent opposition. There have been too many failures in vital areas; too many bad touches, passes and final balls. The fact that Bryan Gil hit the bar early in the second half isn’t a bad performance. Vitesse wanted him so much more and deserved his win and the climb over Spurs to second in Group G. Spurs fans who traveled (I didn’t) were badly disappointed.

Vitesse kicked off and Spurs were almost caught trying to play from behind with Rodon giving the ball away, but Spurs recovered from that misstep. It was not the last. Openda raised a ball towards Frederiksen, but Gollini ran to reach the ball first. Spurs seemed to settle in and Rodon regained confidence, but that feeling didn’t last. Bergwijn tried to get Scarlett through, but his pass was hit too hard and ran to the goalkeeper, who wasn’t tested much overnight as Spurs only managed one shot on target.

After a corner kick for Vitesse, right winger Dasa hit a shot that deflected for a second corner. Dasa was one of the many players who were in danger all night. I suspect it was, after all, Vitesse’s first team. Vitesse claimed a penalty when Wittek fell under Gil’s challenge, but the Spurs man had the ball first. Bero was later convicted of stopping Dane Scarlett’s attempt to escape. Vitesse offered a lot of physics and referee Harm Osmers wasn’t stopping them much, although Spurs won several free kicks to the disregard of the home crowd.

After a Vitesse shot to the right, a weak shot from Openda was easy for Gollini. We still struggled to play (Vitesse looked at us. Did we watch them?) And Gollini started hitting longer balls. Spurs had a decent break in the left channel with Bergwijn feeding Dele inside him. Dele, in turn, moved on to Lo Celso, but her last attempt to appease Scarlett failed. Spurs may have found the ground heavy, but of course it was the same for both teams.

Wittek landed a corner with a deflected shot and took the kick from the right himself. Rasmussen’s header went through Spurs’ goal, with Gollini beating and not reaching for the ball. Frederiksen was pulling off after a cross from Dasa. Spurs got a free kick 22 yards after 25 minutes, following a foul on Gil de Bero. Lo Celso floated the kick past the back post and Spurs won their first corner. Nothing came of it, but then Gil suffered a foul on the right wing. Lo Celso took the kick and Gil hit the ball over his teammates with the ball looping towards the keeper. Vitesse advanced quickly and the Spurs’ defense looked shaky again, appearing second fastest and leaving too much space. After another attack Harry Winks lost the ball and Wittek had an opening but shot well over.

After a foul on Ben Davies on the left wing, Lo Celso’s kick is led to a header from Sanchez, cleared to Gil who shoots in the direction. Towards the end of the first half there was a good combination of Bergwijn, Lo Celso and Davies, but which collapsed without a significant shot. Bergwijn had shown skill inside the box, displaying good close control.

Spurs started the second half, but of course played backwards. They got off to a good start, however, with Lo Celso spinning near the halfway line and rushing forward before passing to Gil, whose left-footed shot beat Schubert, but the ball bounced off the bar. Winks sent a good forward pass for Scarlett, but Vitesse’s defense cleared. Scarlett stepped into the box on the right shortly after and won a corner. There was a complex play from Spurs after a short corner, and Scarlett fell into the box when he was pulled back very hard by his shirt. The referee found a free kick to the home team somewhere. Davies gave the ball to Bergwijn who attempted a cross / through ball but missed the far post.

After 55 minutes Lo Celso allowed Bergwijn to clear the score, but Bergwijn failed miserably with an inside pass when he should have shot on goal. These two players failed to make the most of a loose ball in the speed half after a defensive error. More pressure from the home side was reduced to nothing and Ben Davies made an important and successful tackle near the edge of his box.

There was room for Dasa, whose right-footed shot worried Gollini, but the ball went out of his left post. The Spurs keeper then had to make a decent save, low to his right from another shot from Dasa. The Spurs were under pressure again. Scarlett was on the sidelines after a forward ball, but it was ruled that he fouled the keeper. He also got a card for his troubles and was quickly replaced by 20-year-old Dilan Markanday, who was making his senior debut for Spurs. Dilan has scored 6 goals for the U-23 this season, and he made a pretty impressive appearance tonight.

Davies put in a good effort as his cross came straight back towards him, and he dove forward to bring the ball back into the danger zone. Dele advanced to the Speed ​​zone and had potential assists but chose to shoot. Schubert recovered an easy ball after a sharp deflection. Sad to say, but Dele wasn’t involved enough and looked like himself.

Wittek’s goal came after the home team in the yellow and black shirts were given too much space around the area. Dasa lifted a cross from the right and with Winks and Gil slow to cover Wittek’s left foot shot, beat Gollini low to his left.

Spurs were frustrated with decisions that were not going their way. Winks was booked for dissent, and then fell victim to Bazoer’s fault, but got nothing for it either. Wittek was cautioned for a foul on Markanday which left him standing with intelligent turn, control and speed.

Speed ​​coach Thomas Letsch introduced his substitutes, two of whom were defenders for attacking players, and Spurs failed to penetrate. Lo Celso hit a cross / shot straight at the keeper after catching a pass from Gil, and in the last minute of added time the Argentinian hit another cross / shot that went by.

We thought the battle in this group was going to be between Spurs and Rennes for first place and a straightforward journey to the knockout stages. Now we are third and I suspect our remaining games are “must-wins”? if we want to win the group, maybe even qualify.

West Ham have comfortably won their Europa League game and are comfortably at the top of their group. They were also able to rest a few players. Spurs have a tough job on Sunday and this first team had better get a result to help us forget tonight’s loss.

Europa Conference League Group G

               P  W  D  L   F-A   GD   Pts

 1. Rennes     3  2  1  0   6-4    2    7 
 2. Vitesse    3  2  0  1   4-2    2    6
 3. Spurs      3  1  1  1   7-4    3    4
 4. NS Mura    3  0  0  3   2-9   -7    0  

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