Take part in the unique workshops prepared for the Atmosphere Conference 2018 participants (and not only! ;) ). The trainings will take place on 19/06/2018 (Tuesday). We have prepared two topics for you:

wrokshops 1 - Kubernetes 101 Workshop by Tomasz Tarczyński

It's a hands-on workshop presenting basic concepts in Kubernetes from the user perspective. 
Each participant will work on their own laptop (either on Vagrant or on Google Cloud Platform). 

We invite anyone who hasn't used Kubernetes before and want to learn from scratch.
The workshop is based on a great "Kubernetes: Up and Running" book by Kelsey Hightower, Brendan Burns and Joe Beda
For the best experience we encourage participants to get a copy of this book:

As the workshop will have a condensed form, we require some prior knowledge and preparation.

Technical knowledge prerequirements:
* Linux environment (commands, editors, packages, etc.)
* Docker (commands, images, containers)
* Vagrant
* VirtualBox

Required preparation:
* Please bring your laptop.
* Each participant should have access to a Kubernetes cluster (1 master + 2 worker nodes) prepared before the workshop.
* To prepare the cluster, please follow the instructions here:

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*Workshops will be held when a group of min. 10 people.

wrokshops 2 Git, cattle and networks - introduction to public cloud infrastructure as code by Bartek Moczulski

One of the common ops teams struggle is keeping track of changes and being able to revert them if needed. Being able to replicate an existing infrastructure is even a bigger pain, and anyone who tried to click it through in any of the public cloud web consoles knows it too well. But problem nearly unsolvable in traditional hardware networks gets easy in the cloud environments. IaC approach allows to declare your whole infrastructure as a block of code, execute in as many copies as needed, track changes the same way you do with applications and replace broken networks by simply recreating them. It makes not only servers, but the whole network follow the "cattle vs. pets paradigm". This session will take you through the basics of deploying a template based infrastructure using Azure Resource Manager, adding and removing parts of it, breaking and replacing with last known good configuration, while maintaining application available at all times.

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*Workshops will be held when a group of min. 10 people.

Registration for the workshops lasts only until 10/06/2018!