Zoom for Home Aims to Bring Conference Room Capabilities to the Home Office


Zoom is accelerating its penetration into the home office with the launch of a new category of business that aims to help users expand their remote video conferencing setup. The company on Wednesday unveiled Zoom for Home, a collection of Zoom features and services typically found in a corporate boardroom, but revamped for the age of remote working.

The new Home category essentially ties together the hardware recently announced by Zoom as a service offering with functionality available through Zoom meeting licenses. The goal is to provide users with an out-of-the-box collaboration setup for video meetings and phone calls, along with additional hardware features such as content sharing, whiteboard, and co-annotation.

Zoom said DTEN is its first hardware partner in the market, with its $ 599 DTEN ME display. The appliance offers a 27-inch stand-alone display, three wide-angle cameras and 8 microphones, preloaded with Zoom software. Zoom for Home is also compatible with all Zoom Rooms devices, including other hardware from Neat and Poly.

Zoom’s video conferencing software is already a staple in the home office with the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down physical workplaces. The company also cites a recent IBM study which found that 81% of those polled want to continue working remotely even after the pandemic restrictions are eased. Add it up and Zoom envisions a future where its software is a central form of business communication in the home office.

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“We see the home office playing a vital role in the future of the workplace,” said Jeff Smith, manager of Zoom Rooms. “As video meetings become more and more ubiquitous, we realized that having a dedicated personal collaboration device for the Zoom platform will provide home office workers with a tool to easily manage video meetings and help increase engagement, connection and collaboration. “

“Zoom for Home addresses the needs of a wide variety of use cases,” Smith added. “Businesses can choose to provide Zoom for Home to their remote workers for an instant, turnkey desktop setup managed by their IT staff. End users and consumers can also purchase Zoom for Home – DTEN ME devices and use them as self-managed. devices by simply using their Zoom account credentials. “

Zoom for Home should be available in early August.


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