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This season, we’re rounding up our writers for their views on other conference games that took place during gameweek.

TD_24 – This game kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I didn’t have the Beavers defense, which made Caleb Williams look terrible on my bingo card. Too bad Chance Nolan had one of his random bad games of the year because OSU looked set to win.

Christopher_h – Of course, a game between the top offenses in the conference ends in a low-scoring affair. USC QB Caleb Williams looked terrible this game, with a few head-scratching throws, but the USC defense kept up their ridiculous pace of turnovers to rock this game.

Avinash – USC has a spin margin of +14 (14 spins forced, 0 given). I don’t know how long this trend can last, but the +4 turnovers saved them on Saturday. What about Oregon State Defense? Only 3 USC points in 3 quarters. The sad part is that this might be USC’s last trip to the spooky Corvallis in quite some time.

ShadowSandrock – Oregon State kinda blew it, but I think they might be real

Bk97 – The two best attacks in the conference meet and we get… a fight of stones? It’s a shame that Nolan is throwing interceptions everywhere, because this could have been a game-breaking win for Jonathan Smith and the Beavs.

Piotr T Le – Lincoln Riley realizes that the Pac-12 has moments where anyone can win and anyone can lose. Note that Oregon State is one of the worst defenses it will face this season. Kyle Whittingham licks his chops to give SC and his crew a warm welcome to the Pac-12.

Rob Hwang – I rarely cheer for the Beavs, given their eternal heartbreaking acts against us, but right now I really hoped they would pull it off.

TD_24 – Utes takes care of business. You just know they’re looking forward to their game against USC.

Christopher_h – Utah lost TE Brant Kuithe for the season…ouch.

Avinash – Utah losing Kuithe for the season is a blow. The Utes are still very good, but their ability to hang on to the best offenses in the conference will no longer be there for them to keep faint playoff hopes alive. There’s still a chance for a Pac-12 title – their defense is still the best in the conference, probably by a wider margin than we thought.

ShadowSandrock – Turns out when your list is bad you don’t get a dead chat bounce

Piotr T Le – Utah continues to vent its anger on teams after Florida’s loss in the swamp. However, with the loss of their Star TE, their attack will face more challenges. I think Cam Rising needs to step up to make up for the loss and really elevate the Utes.

Rob Hwang – Losing Kuithe but winning against a team that is under investigation and without HC, is a tough end result of a heavily tilted game.

TD_24 – Welp I imagine Coug’in is still on the menu. Does that always happen with Cal in town? Stay tuned to find out.

Christopher_h – Wazzu QB Cam Ward worked his magic all night, but it was his expensive pick-6 that put this game aside for Oregon.

Avinash – The old Pac-12 Nord has proven itself today. Washington State can’t be taken lightly as they fought their way through a sometimes-confusing Oregon defense. But Bo Nix went ham in the second half and the Ducks proved they could fight back anytime they wanted. The Ducks are more dangerous than ever.

ShadowSandrock – The term “cougin’ it” exists for a reason

Bk97 – I have no interest in the Cougs and yet I always find myself disappointed by their amazing meltdowns. I can’t imagine how their fans feel.

Piotr T Le – Bo Nix gives, Bo Nix takes. Wazzu showing again that they can play against both their opposition and their Cougness.


TD_24 – Stanford looks really bad. Outside of some Washington red-zone errors, this offense is on track to start the year.

Christopher_h –Stanford QB Tanner McKee was harassed all night; 8 sacks, 2 fumbles and an interception. Meanwhile, the UW offense is firing on all cylinders here as they headed for another win, hopefully on a collision course with a ranked Cal in a few weeks.

Avinash – Washington is scary. The Huskies have a competent coach with a good QB and great talent and it shows in every way. UCLA is their first major test though – Michigan State is unhappy and Stanford is still trying to find each other. But the Huskies just shred the opposition – they’ve taken a more than 20-point lead in every game.

ShadowSandrock – If a tree punts into the woods 4th from their opponent’s 40, but no one is in their stadium to see it, am I really there?

Bk97 – The LSJU team has an ominous feel, Cal/Tedford-in-2012.

Piotr T Le – Jimmy Lake was banned from coaching anywhere near Washington and could only travel on Airbus planes due to the negative impact he had on overall life in Seattle.

Rob Hwang – Good Lord UW looks good. Good Lord Stanford looks bad.

TD_24 – The Bruins go through the moves and sending Buffs. I don’t know where Colorado can turn and say it’s going to be a chance to win this season.

Christopher_h – I said this last week, but Colorado gave up, and they’re just playing real freshmen now for the experience. Worse still, Colorado has terrible game designs, where too many receivers end up in the same zone. Sometimes it’s not obvious who the intended target is, but instead of stretching the defense, Colorado guides them to an area where the ball is going. Colorado needs to keep its young talent and get rid of these coaches as soon as possible.

Avinash – Colorado rightly looked to the youth movement and showed some punch before giving in as usual. The Bruins are 4-0 and I have no idea how good they are, but the good DTR and Charbonnet give them just enough juice to win every game they play.

ShadowSandrock – Nam suggested that we plan a game for UW on our week off and risk being cursed for it, but honestly, I think I’m okay with it.

Bk97 — One of Colorado’s non-zero chances of victory comes this weekend as the Buffs visit Arizona. If they suffer another brutal loss (and there’s a 90% chance they will), will they take advantage of the upcoming bye week and fire Dorrell on Sunday?

Rob Hwang – Bowling Green. Southern Alabama. State of Alabama. Colorado. I’ll be waiting to see if this UCLA team is the real deal, because they play UW on Friday night.

TD_24 – 3-1 to 4 games? I’ll take it. Head to Wazzu.

Christopher_h – Man, those Cal bloggers and their crazy predictions, huh? I’m not going to drop that one anytime soon.

Avinash – The offense of Our Lady lives! Although facing a Gene Chizik defense in North Carolina was a big adrenaline rush. UNLV is also looking for a stronger test than we thought, beating Utah State with six turnovers. UC Davis has faltered, but Weber State is likely an FCS title contender – they busted Utah State a few weeks ago by a bigger margin than UNLV!

ShadowSandrock – I like when Musgrave calls the touchdown game

Piotr T Le – Pac-12 remains a conference where most teams (sorry ASU and Colorado, they would need an act of God to win) can challenge anyone at any time.

Rob Hwang

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