Around the Conference Table: Week 5



This season, we’re rounding up our writers for their views on other conference games that took place during gameweek.

ShadowSandrock – Honestly, I still don’t know what a mirage is here. My gut feeling is that UW was more overrated than we thought (looking at you Sparty), which also makes me think UCLA is a bit of a mirage too, but the Pac12 may be all smoke and mirrors this year, so no matter. Still, it’s kind of crazy that this game ended as close as it was. UW should have forfeited after DTR tricked those two defenders against each other like a cartoon.

TD_24 – DTR and UCLA offense look good. Will he look as good after Utah and Oregon? Stay tuned.

Avinash – Washington has finally hit the talent wall since Jimmy Lake left. The speed of the UCLA team on both sides overwhelmed them for three quarters. The Huskies have pulled off a solid comeback though, so the good news for UW is that they have a very good coach in place to put them in position to win. But the Bruins look like they’re part of that core four who can compete for the title. The super-senior DTR is now in pure control of Chip Kelly’s offense and is very locked down. A huge battle with Utah is looming.

Bk97 – Flashbacks to every time Cal plays in the Rose Bowl and is crushed by the UCLA attack. It’s going to be a dreadful week if we go 5-6 heading into the season finale against the Bruins.

Christopher_h – UCLA dominated this early game with unusually poor UW high school play. UW made a late comeback, but UCLA was bailed out by dubious umpire calls ruling ‘forward progress has been halted’ to keep the clock running late in the game when UCLA was playing apart. Come on referees, why protect the B1G team with fake calls?

Rob Hwang – I still don’t know what this game told me? Is UW not as good as we thought or is UCLA much better than we thought?

ShadowSandrock – Delayed dead cat bounce? Lincoln Riley is like Super Saiyan Sonny Dykes.

TD_24 – USC goes through the motions and wins. Wazzu and Utah the next two weeks has my intrigue.

Avinash – Great team coverage. Good job on the Sun Devils hanging out with the team they have as long as possible. But Caleb Williams is currently by far the best player in the conference. The Trojans have one more solid test against a very good Wazzu team before they know if they are true playoff contenders in Utah. But they have to find their defense.

Bk97 – ASU looked pretty good in the first half. Then they totaled 2 meters over the next 20 minutes.

Christopher_h – USC is very much like a Sonny Dykes team, hoping to score in every practice and earn a turnover or two on defense to gain a possession advantage. ASU kept up the momentum in the first half, but when the score started to slip away from them, they weren’t able to leverage the passing game enough to keep pace with the USC throughout the game. Kudos to the ASU player who threw his water on USC QB Caleb Williams on the sidelines, though. I like pettiness.

Rob Hwang – I don’t think ASU will go 1-11, but the odds are still there until they win. Not serious. Their next two matches are Stanford and Colorado. They WILL win at least one, right? Right…?

ShadowSandrock – I want to be able to hate Kyle Wittingham, but I can’t. He’s so good and it’s so frustrating. Really really glad we miss Utah this year. OSU is still legit and I don’t like that.

TD_24 – Chance Nolan has had a tough few weeks. The defense certainly tried.

Avinash – Oregon State beat Utah in this game. But their quarterbacks aren’t good right now and that could sink a promising season. I feel a bit better about Cal’s chances in this game, but it’s getting risky to pin our hopes on a win at Corvallis. The Bears really need to score an upset in their next three games after Colorado to ease the pressure of having to win that one.

Bk97 – Luck Nolan, how are you? That’s a lot of interceptions recently.

Christopher_h – Really tough for OSU QB Chance Nolan. Hope he’s okay with the injuries. OSU is a good team that won’t get the respect it deserves, but it will be a must game for Cal if they want to go bowling.

Rob Hwang – Oregon State may have concerns at QB not because of the game, but in terms of health and if Nolan is unable to go, we could see more of a double attack with Gulbranson and Coletto. If there’s an offensive spirit in the conference that could make it work, it’s probably Johnathon Smith.

ShadowSandrock – I think the yellow pants make everyone look faster. I feel like there is something to learn here…..Stanford is bad and I feel good with the Big Game spots I got this year.

TD_24 – This score is not indicative of the game. Oregon wiped the floor with these boys. But Casey Filkins looks solid.

Avinash – Bo Nix might lose the memes. He’s perfect for Oregon right now and is breaking personal bests everywhere. If it hadn’t been for the penalties, it could have been an easy 60 for the Ducks. And more importantly for the Ducks, all of their biggest games are at home. Their biggest issue is their very fragile defense, which continues to give up explosive play after explosive play.

Bk97 – It looks like the LSJU MO this season is to let the other team score 4 touchdowns and then start scoring enough to try to make the game more respectable. Down 31-3 this week, then they lost 45-27. Last week: led 30-7, then finished 40-22. Against USC: led 28-7, then finished 41-28.

Christopher_h – Stanford’s defense is terrible, they just couldn’t defend the edges at all and Oregon was up 31-3 at halftime. As bad as Stanford’s offense is, I respect that they’re at least trying to do something different on offense.

Rob Hwang – Good Lord Stanford looks bad.

ShadowSandrock – Yeah, we better plan the game for UW this week. The CU game should be a good game for us.

TD_24 – Cal facing a new head coach and defensive coordinator in Boulder? This is going to give me a little anxiety.

Avinash – COLORADO IS FREE! COLORADO IS A FREE BUFFALO! I would say Arizona definitely has the offensive juice to upset someone. And hey, it’s Dennis Dixon… uh… Bo Nix is ​​coming to town this week.

Bk97 – It’s a shame we can’t do a bunch of stupid Karl Dorrell mustache jokes next week.

Christophe_h – I’ll probably save most of my thoughts for my preview articles, but the bottom line is that Colorado absolutely can’t tackle, and so even routine plays are going for big yards against them. All of Arizona’s receivers have had monster games, cutting through Colorado’s defense like a hot knife through butter. Colorado also doesn’t trust its freshman offense enough to do much offensively.

Rob Hwang – Colorado looks REALLY beatable. Arizona is bouncing back and looking like a pretty good quality win.

Avinash – At least UNLV continues to look like a quality win. I know UC Davis had a tough FCS schedule, but that 1-4 start is tough given how unimpressive that win was.

Bk97 – I’m not looking forward to the end of Cal’s schedule. With the exception of LSJU, these teams are all well equipped to win a shootout. We are not.

Christopher_h – I just want to watch Cal in a bowling match. That’s all. Other than that, it would be really nice if Cal could ruin USC’s playoff hopes, which I’m sure would send them into a tailspin. They’re just gonna get Oklahoma in the playoffs anyway.

Rob Hwang – Has anyone seen my only ring? I got it in the mail from this Sauron guy last week.

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