Around the Conference Table: Week 8



This season, we’re rounding up our writers for their views on other conference games that took place during gameweek.

TD_24 – Man, this is what Mario Cristobal wanted in Oregon and Dan Lanning is the one exploiting it. If we get an Oregon USC Pac 12 Championship game, I’m going to be glued to my seat.

Bk97 – Oregon looked absolutely terrible. In attack, defense and special teams, they looked incredibly bad. Don’t get me wrong, they were playing good football, but my eyes still haven’t recovered from those horrible, unforgivable shirts.

Christopher_h – The final score usually isn’t indicative of how Oregon outplays opponents from Georgia. Oregon’s offensive line is just too good, and Oregon has slowed UCLA’s running game just enough to cause UCLA’s offense to crumble and stagnate. It’s the first time UCLA has lost as Zach Charbonnet has gone for 100 yards.

Rob Hwang – Thank the lord UCLA and USC for both losing and please the football gods make sure they don’t make it to the title game or the playoffs.

TD_24 – ASU had every chance in the world but couldn’t beat the lobsterbacks. Pleasant. Especially on the last record where Emory Jones ran Elijhah Badger down the sideline, you have to hit him.

Bk97 – These teams combined for over 750 yards, 47 first downs and… 2 touchdowns? How?

Christopher_h – I love that Yogi Roth calls every game a battle between two Pac-12 heavyweights.

Rob Hwang – So hell could be freezing… Frosty Sun Devils?

TD_24 – Well, that loss to Colorado seems more depressing by the second.

Bk97 – Well, our loss to Colorado looks much, much worse now. Just like our chances of victory in Corvallis.

Christopher_h – OSU rushed for 270 yards against Colorado, with RB Damien Martinez running for a career-high 178 yards. Who would have guessed it would be a good idea to run the ball against Colorado?

Rob Hwang – OSU has a good attack and an HC which is basically their OC. That says a lot about our offensive appeal, plan and execution every week Colorado gets crushed by other teams in the conference.

TD_24 – At least the Pac 12 is relevant and has 5 legitimately great teams.

Bk97 – There is a growing gap between the upper half and the lower half of the conference. Half of the Pac-12 has just one conference win. And 5 of those wins were over other bottom dwellers at 1 win (the only exception was ASU’s win over UW).

Christopher_h – There are people at the top of the conference. Oregon is the only one still undefeated in the conference, with a game against Utah on the horizon. Oregon beat UCLA and USC beat Utah. The Oregon-Utah and UCLA-USC game could result in a scenario where each team holds a transitive win over itself, and the conference will simply pick the top two from a 3-way or 4-way tie to regroup for the title. of the conference? Hmm.

Rob Hwang – Just make sure a Pac-12 team is in the playoffs of their Oregon and not USC and UCLA. Just a better narrative if teams that move to the Big10 still can’t win here.

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