HBF reinvents the conference table with the Torre collection


HBF is disrupting the traditional conference setting with its brand new range of Torre conference tables. Designed by HBF’s in-house Artis studio and launched at NeoCon this month, Torre is an expertly crafted solid wood table that is both beautiful and functional, while meeting the demands of today’s modern technology. The remarkable feature of Torre is its sleek, tapered base which can incorporate power and hide the look of wires and cords.

Torre’s shape is inspired by a simple cake tray: a curved tray with a column underneath that gently tapers towards the center and widens towards the base. Its strength is weighted at the base, but the table itself comes across as light, almost floating, thanks to the elevation of its wooden top from the support columns.

“Commercial design presents an increasingly blurred line between casual and formal, living and working,” commented HBF President Dan Chong. “Torre fulfills that need. It looks at home in any stunning residential setting, but it has the durability and function of a motorized element for offices or other public spaces.”

Torre adapts to the needs of modern workplaces without sacrificing style. By integrating power through Torre’s tapered base to the floor, the table remains a seamless aesthetic expression, uninterrupted by visible cords and connectors. Its clean appearance makes it particularly flexible in the workplace as well as outdoors, in hospitality establishments, cafes and beyond … any modern setting seeking to incorporate power into avant-garde design . The outlets in the table top are centered for round tables or right, right and left, or right and left and center for flexible rectangular tops. This flexible power placement provides additional functionality, channeling power to multiple users on the table depending on the configuration.

Its design language sets it apart from conference tables commonly found in the commercial environment. Constructed with a solid ash top, Torre’s unique design features a modern aesthetic with durable materials that will last for years. The solid ash top has a rounded edge, while the striking tapered base is either ash veneer or solid surface veneer (Corian).

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