How to design a conference room for in-person and digital meetings


More than 36 million Americans are expected to continue working remotely by 2025. If this prediction holds true, your business needs to develop a conference room conducive to remote meetings.

Even if not all of your meetings are remote, or you’re using a more hybrid strategy, it’s important to prepare your conference room for a digital meeting.

Everything from the layout of your conference room chairs to the position of the conference room table influences the success of your digital meetings.

Read on to discover some key tips for hybridizing your conference room. This way your business will be ready for anything.

Get solid equipment

There is nothing worse than connecting to a remote conference and seeing a slow picture with terrible acoustics. You owe your employees and customers top quality equipment.

This means getting a high quality conference room microphone. It also means getting a great conference room camera and high speed internet connection. Don’t skimp on your gear if you plan to go remotely.

Focus on the layout of your conference room

Are all parts in view of the camera? Can everyone get along? What does the view look like from the webcam’s point of view? What about the conference room on camera?

These are the questions you need to think about when analyzing your conference room layout. Arrange all tables and chairs to allow maximum engagement, while adhering to health protocols.

Focus on digital security

Now that the inner workings of your operation will be on the vast world of the web, you need to focus on digital security. It means having a leader in IT and digital infrastructure by your side.

Visit to find someone who can handle all of your IT needs and make sure your meetings are secure too.

Smaller can be better

Now that such a large percentage of your workforce is working remotely, you may no longer need the great outdoors you once deserved.

This means that you can downsize your conference room to make it a more suitable space for fewer people present in person. Just make sure you keep these chairs 6 feet apart and have some ventilation.

Don’t neglect the lighting

Lighting paints the picture for the digital end of your meetings. A little lighting goes a long way towards overall picture quality and engagement.

Play around with where you place your camera in terms of where participants sit and the lighting arrangements in your conference room. Find out what works and don’t stop trying until you do.

Enter the new era of business

Your conference room is no longer confined to the four walls of your office. Now, with the culture of remote working in abundance, you can spread it across the web for all to see.

Use the tips in this guide to make sure your conference room hybridization experience is working well. If you enjoyed reading this article, come back to our page anytime for more compelling information.

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