Lenovo Brings Upgraded Version of its Conference Room Manager to India


Lenovo ™ Deploys Feature-Rich Version of Its Powerful Hybrid Workforce Communication and Collaboration Tool, ThinkSmart Manager 2.0

BENGALURU, INDIA, December 21, 2021: Lenovo today unveiled its new version of the ThinkSmart Manager conference room solution that was announced in December, adding new features to a tool that helps IT administrators keep meeting rooms a highly productive space.

ThinkSmart Manager is a transformation tool designed to help businesses improve communication and collaboration in the workplace, providing IT and operations teams with a means to evolve the workplace itself. It gives administrators the power to deploy, manage and monitor all of their Lenovo ThinkSmart meeting room devices from one place, providing complete visibility into device status.

By enabling mass reboots and updates, ThinkSmart Manager makes device deployment faster and easier for IT administrators, reducing the need for individual deployments. Administrators can also check status and availability, perform automatic problem detection, and proactively resolve issues. Over time, they can optimize and fine-tune the conference room setup, paving the way for greater organizational productivity.

As office spaces are redesigned for health and safety, IT teams need tools that help them activate and support a distributed and hybrid workforce. Collaboration technology tools remain at the heart of productivity and user engagement, but these tools need to be supported, often remotely. ThinkSmart Manager provides a single console remote management utility to lighten the load on IT administrative staff by minimizing local high-pressure device service and ensuring that ThinkSmart collaboration technology continues to operate with high availability. This tool supports the use of certain ThinkSmart devices, including supported ThinkSmart Hub 500, Hub, Cam, Bar, ThinkSmart Edition Tiny, and Logitech ™ devices.

Rohit Midha, Director of Service Sales, Lenovo India noted “This year has proven to us that technology can drive productive collaboration in a diverse work environment. Expanding our intelligent collaboration solutions is central to our aspiration to provide customers with the best user experiences for productive meetings. Whether it’s a flexible PC, meeting room accessories, or end-to-end managed services, we believe Lenovo’s ThinkSmart Manager can help customers accelerate their digital transformation into the new normal.

What’s new in ThinkSmart Manager 2.0?

New features and updates include:

● A single-state meeting analytics dashboard for Microsoft Teams rooms

● The addition of a mobile application for iOS ™ or Android ™ devices allowing IT administrators to access ThinkSmart Manager from their phone where they can check device status and receive push notifications with a dashboard. edge of deployed services

● Visibility of both device status (ok / error) and status (online / offline / in meeting)

● The ability to create and send team notifications in ThinkSmart Manager without having to switch to email.

● Bulk claim via a simple CSV file upload so IT administrators can register all devices at the front desk instead of having to physically register in each conference room, saving them time and energy, especially on large campuses where rooms are dispersed.

● Additional new Premium features including:

○ At-a-glance summary dashboard with easy-to-read pie charts of status, status, room type as well as people count, room usage, devices in meeting and data export

○ Fast mass restarts by specific device, location or capacity groups; the ability to define multiple policies per location; activate, deactivate rules

○ The ability to create and send emails to notify team members by device and specific device

Alerts if a device is disconnected from the device

○ Single pane: An integrated view of ThinkSmart Manager 2.0 and Logitech Sync, making it compatible with TAP, Meet-up, Rally and Swytch products

○ New upon purchase, end-to-end license lifecycle management: IT admins can view licenses created in their organization and apply them to devices.

Another new aspect of ThinkSmart Manager 2.0 is the introduction of service options. While customers only had one year free, they can now choose to use the free version or upgrade to the Premium version through a subscription to expand capacity as needed.

For more information on ThinkSmart Manager 2.0, visit our website.

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