Sean Payton Conference Call 09/27/21


New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton

Conference call with New Orleans media

Monday, September 27, 2021

After a month on the road, was that normal or like a long road trip?
“I think we probably got into more of a routine after the first week and a half or two. As coaches you try to set consistent schedules and practice schedules, I think it’s more easy to train when you do it most effectively And obviously after last weekend’s game we’re all back here to settle in and the obviousness of being home and getting into an environment un little more familiar, but also the extra time that allows you compared to the preparation that you spend a lot of time moving around, so it’s good to come back I’m sure the players and the staff, everyone involved is feeling the same thing.

Was it somehow a sigh of relief to be back?

“Well look, you come back and you hope that the next day and a half, two days, people can adjust and get into their accommodation. And then quickly you focus on the opponent, and that’s New York. . So that’s what we’re doing today. “

When you watch the movie of the game and evaluate Jameis Winston’s performance when there were no turnovers, were you okay with the throws?
“Every time you go back and watch the tape, there will be parts and decisions that you want to correct. I think that is the case for most of the players. In terms of the situation, I thought that we had done a really good job, I felt like we played most of the first half on his side of the pitch. And then one of the goals of doing that is when you play on an opponent’s side of the field, that there is an error, it can be amplified, which occurred at the start of the second half in the third quarter when we ended up recovering the interception for a touchdown . But back to your question about Jameis, yeah, you go to the tape and you watch the (tape), you try to rate each the game, especially the mechanics, then the decisions. There are categories that you look at, and it does the same. I think it’s pretty common. “

Is there something specific that you like more defensively, whether it’s turnovers or stopping the run?
“We defended the run (well and) at one point it became more of a one-dimensional game. I thought we tackled each other well in space. And when you force three turnovers and block a kick clearance in the kicking game and you don’t return the ball, there is probably more than a good chance that you will win this game. playing a road team. I thought our guys were moving. I felt that in the week leading up to the game, (until) the pre-game warm-up and I thought we played with a lot of energy. “

Taysom Hill’s offensive snaps have increased in this game compared to the first two weeks. Was it because of the way the game script played out? Or did he sort of step into that role?
“Yeah, I think it’s a bit of both, Mike (Triplett). There were a few things we wanted to do in the racing game that involved him. And I think, there were some personal packages. that drew glances from New England and so, but I think a bit of both. “

Is his work with position coaches any different from other times he has played in different positions?
“Yeah, listen, it’s always been a challenge, you know, what boardroom is he in and so he’s still with the quarterbacks. And then trying to do the technical work that is necessary to not just play. the quarterback, but when he’s playing some of the receiver’s stuff, you know, that involves time on the job. And so he’s had a good week of preparation and I think he’s played well. “

Did Bradley Roby’s pictures give him time to get started or more on the development of Paulson Adebo?
“(Bradley Roby) is a really good player and that’s probably a combination. I thought Bradley (Roby) was settling well playing. Marshon (Lattimore) obviously he’s back and so every week (it varies) . It was a position early in the season where there was some concern about depth and with both Bradley and Desmond (Trufant) we think it’s a strong position now. “

With Demario Davis being 32, do you see him playing like someone much younger?
“Yeah look I see a young player when I look at him and that is to his credit. Number one he’s extremely diligent in his preparation, how he takes care of himself. I mean, very thorough and then number two, his thirst and desire to be exceptional and be part of a great defense, it’s contagious. I think he’s a fantastic leader. He definitely sets an example and then when he’s not on the pitch he’s a guy with a lot of juice and energy and I think that’s a big plus for us as a team. “

Is there some kind of added thrill in the fact that you’ll have your first full fan group in almost two years?
“Yeah, listen, I don’t think so. It’s gonna be fun. It’s the first time we’ve played in a full stadium where the noise of the crowd has been beneficial to us since what ?, two seasons ago. is therefore a big advantage when the opponent has trouble communicating. I think and I know defensively it’s an advantage over your rushing habits and your timing and I know that as a team it will be good to come back in front of our home crowd. The focus should always be on whatever is needed to win. But definitely getting a chance to play at home and it looks like it’s been a long time. “

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