Around the Conference Table: Week 6



This season, we’re rounding up our writers for their views on other conference games that took place during gameweek.

mpete91 – rest in peace

TD_24 – Probably what has been USC’s biggest struggle of the season so far. Wazzu played hard, the refs hit them, and USC is now 6-0.

Piotr T Le – We won’t win against $C for another 10 years, will we?

Christopher_h – USC is probably the best second-half defense in the conference. I don’t know how they do it, but they go from looking helpless in the first half to a closed defense in the second. Some awful pro-USC calls by the refs in this one though, sorry Wazzu. USC’s offensive line, despite some problems early in the season, held up well to a rush of tough passes from Wazzu, especially late in the game. It sounded like Wazzu was tired and USC wasn’t. I guess that’s the benefit of having a ridiculous amount of talent/depth on the roster.

Rob Hwang – It was a winnable game for the Cougs. There are definitely questions around this SC team, but is there a team in the conference that could press those questions throughout the game?

mpete91 – rip

TD_24 – UCLA seems to finally have the click for Chip Kelly. The team’s speed is unreal and they are quickly rising to the top of the Pac 12 for this season if they hadn’t already been.

Bk97 – If Utah couldn’t stop the Bruins’ offense, there’s no hope for the rest of us.

Piotr T Le – Wilcox will continue his ignominious streak against Chip, this time it’s not just a ploy that will destroy our defense.

Christopher_h – Utah QB Cam Rising is fantastic at running the ball and making plays, but Utah is sorely lacking in viable receiving threats, especially with the loss of Brant Kuithe. Utah couldn’t slow down the UCLA running game of RB Zach Charbonnet and QB Dorian Thompson-Robinson, and if Utah couldn’t stop them, I don’t know who in the conference can. I’m sad to think that this year’s USC-UCLA game might have bigger implications for the CFP, two teams with the least deserving fans.

Rob Hwang – I hate this timeline.

mpete91 – lol

TD_24 – Should I be seriously afraid of Bo Nix now?

Christopher_h – Oregon QB Bo Nix had some fantastic throws, and the Arizona defense was completely helpless to stop the run (especially Bo Nix’s runs). Oregon’s defensive line made Arizona QB Jayden of Laura uncomfortable, including an interception and a forced fumble, which helped Oregon’s secondary not give up many big plays to the Arizona’s talented receivers.

Rob Hwang – Bo Nix gave Oregon wins. It’s time he started picking up wins in Oregon.

mpete91 – rippp

Bk97 – The Huskies have had two bad games in a row on the road. This bodes well for their visit to Memorial Stadium.

Piotr T Le – So you’re telling me we have a chance against UW? Or is it the magic of the desert.

Christopher_h – I was supposed to take clips of UW, but instead found myself constantly taking highlights of ASU as backup QB Trenton Bourguet looked superb after being pushed into action . I think some people got a little too high on the UW hype train. They have a ton of talent in attack, but their defense has been embarrassing so far this year.

Rob Hwang – The good news is that if you’re a UW fan and also a Mariners fan, the Mariners made the playoffs for the first time in 21 years.


TD_24 – Pac 12 after the return of black madness and what a thriller. It was David Shaw esque and it was great to watch.

Bk97 – This game had everything I wanted: a double digit lead blown by the Lobsterbacks, lots of crowd shots with sleeping or barely conscious “fans”, and a clear demonstration that these are imperfect teams and beatable.

Piotr T Le – Stanford blows a lead against Oregon State to lose on a prayer of a pitch where the Furd DB just freezes?

Christopher_h – Everyone is going to talk about it, but what a fantastic take from Tre’Shaun Harrison to cap off this miraculous comeback. More worrying for Stanford, though: how do you let your security get beat like this by running preemptive defense? You only had one job. Literally. OSU is dealing with injuries, so you can excuse their below-par offense in this one (no QB Chance Nolan, TE Luke Musgrave), but Stanford looks terrible and has no such excuse. This RPO slow-mesh offense stuff may have caught USC a little off guard, but now it’s just a mismanaged offensive system, wasting QB Tanner McKee and his fantastic wide-receiving skills.

Rob Hwang – Just. Absolutely. Delicious.

mpete91 – Come on Beavs. I had to come back and respond a second time because Stanfurd University paid David Shaw over $700,000 for this loss on Sunday and I fear Stanfurd Football is a money laundering organization.

TD_24 – Cal didn’t miss the week off!

Bk97 – I feel much better about the UW and OSU games and much, much, MUCH worse about the UCLA game.

Piotr T Le – God help me if we lose to Colorado next week.

Christopher_h – The more I root against USC and UCLA, the more they win (and I’m rooting against them much harder since the B1G news and my move to LA). I think if I switch allegiance now, my fandom can still tank its two seasons.

Rob Hwang – Laughing at the whole conference and then realizing we have to play this week.

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