Ben Rhydding leads National Conference after rout



NEWLY promoted to the National Conference League, three-game Ben Rhydding sits at the top of the table after a convincing 7-2 win at home to Preston.

Opening the game at full throttle, it took less than 10 minutes for Rhydding to score thanks to a far post maneuver from Callum Franks.

With their tails up, Rhydding continued at a fiery pace set by the electric Charlie Smith who showed no signs of fatigue in his legs after completing a marathon the day before and covering a glory goal to take it to 2- 0.

Preston was ready for the fight and legendary goalkeeper David Carter was called upon to deliver his excellence on several occasions.

The third goal was a total delight; Mark Portnell picked a through ball for George Gamble to fire to Charlie Smith who rewarded his kindness with a return pass for an easy and beautiful goal.

Rhydding was all over Preston now and a penalty kick was saved but Smith struck again to make it four, after some spirited press work from in-form Mark Portnell, connecting with Ewan Wardle to put Smith on the post.

Going into the break 4-0 didn’t leave Rhydding complacent as they knew they were facing the best returning side in the league, and sure enough, within minutes Preston had scored with a messy scramble to keep their hopes alive. urge.

Charlie Smith cooled their spirits with another outstanding goal and took his side to a 5-1 lead, followed shortly after with another on his backhand to make it 6-1. And again a few minutes later on a corner to bring the score to 7-1.

Preston was dignified and valiant in his response and kept fighting until the end, keeping the game alive and claiming a late corner to close the gap. But it was Rhydding who shone and left the field with a powerful three-pointer.

Coach Demy Dowley said: “We are getting better with every game, both individually and as a team.

“We still have a lot to work on, but it was a very satisfying performance.”

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