City of Austin Renames Boardroom in Honor of Former Mayor Bonnie Reitz | News


AUSTIN, Minn.-For the first time, the City of Austin has renamed a government boardroom in honor of a notable member of the community.

The City of Austin’s Conference Room B is now known as the Bonnie Besse Reitz Room, in honor of the former mayor.

Reitz served as mayor for about 10 years and was instrumental in establishing the Welcome Center in Austin, according to Mayor Steve King.

“20 or 25 years ago what she did was bring that spirit of welcome to town and run what we now call the welcome center where people who are immigrants or refugees who come to Austin now have a place to go to find the resources and support they need, buy a house, find a job or whatever, buy a car, get insurance. “Another country may not understand, so we have this in Austin thanks in large part to Bonnie Reitz,” King said.

King said Reitz is still an active member in Austin, holding a chair with Apex Austin, vice president of the Hormel Foundation and also coordinator of the city’s drug task force.

“I jokingly tell her and the others that Bonnie will be Austin’s mayor for life. The rest of us who come after her are just placeholders. There’s no doubt about that. She truly embodies everything anyone hopes to have in a mayor and we’re just super proud to have her in our history and our community and therefore have that small gesture of naming a municipal office or a boardroom municipal after Bonnie is just something that needs to be done,” King said.

At the name change event, Reitz said she was surprised and thrilled to receive such an honor.

The Bonnie Besse Reitz Conference Room is located on the first floor of Austin City Hall.

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