Feyenoord striker Cyriel Dessers in UEFA Europa Conference League final against Roma and leads the scoring charts – interview | UEFA Europa Conference League


On loan from Genk this summer, Cyriel Dessers has become a huge hit with the Feyenoord faithful, his ten goals taking them to the UEFA Europa Conference League final against Roma.

However, while Dessers’ corner flag celebrations have been a common sight in the competition, inspiring fans to go to unusual extremes to keep him at the club, the 27-year-old told UEFA.com he had his teammates for thanking him for placing him at the top of the competition’s scoring charts.

Confronting the Roma in Tirana

Roma and Feyenoord scoring stats

I’m really looking forward to it. Playing the finals is all that matters when you are a top athlete and especially special matches like these against Roma; that goes without saying. I’m really looking forward to it and I hope it will be the best game of my life.

We are confident. We are not afraid of the great name of Roma. We are aware of our qualities; we know what we can do. We will have to be at our best, that’s for sure, but we also know that if we are, we can beat almost any team. We know what to expect. We are well prepared. If we just do our thing and play our best, anything is possible.

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Be the top scorer in the competition so far with ten goals

Watch all of the Dessers’ Conference League goals

It’s a fantastic feeling. Getting into double digits as a forward is something you work towards in pre-season. When you can do that in a European competition, it’s very special. I realize that puts me on a special list of players for this season, [not just] at European level but also for the club. At Feyenoord, I’m moving up the list, which is very rewarding.

It’s thanks to the team that I can be in this position and score these goals. I’m not just talking about assists or assists I get from the team, but also defensive [work]. We want to press so high, which means our defenders are often one-on-one or play with a lot of space behind. I may be the one cheering after the goal, but it’s really the whole team that makes it possible, as cliché as that sounds. I have to be the focal point and be in the right place.

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On his style of play

Roma and Feyenoord lock horns for Conference League crown

I think I’m a versatile striker. Many attackers are really big, or very fast, or [have] other extremes. I do not have that. I can play with my back towards the goal, I can hold the ball, I can run deep towards the goal, I can score with my left and right foot; when I’m in front of goal, I have no doubts about scoring with the left foot, for example.

I’ve also scored some great goals with my head this season, so I think I’m a pretty versatile player without being extreme in anything. But I can always do better, of course, and that’s something I work very hard on every day.

On the passionate support of Feyenoord

I grew up watching the Eredivisie and every time I saw Feyenoord play I always thought, ‘Wow, this is an amazing stadium. I would love to play there one day.’ And the fans, they are unique. They definitely live up to their reputation. Already from the beginning, I had this feeling that we could have a connection. They are so loving, and I love them back, so it goes both ways.

To have such a connection with the fans of a club like Feyenoord, I will never forget it when I look back on my career later. The Feyenoord fans really wanted to keep me here for another season, so they started a crowdfunding campaign. We will have to wait to see if they succeed.

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