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With hybrid work environments becoming the new normal, the need for reliable audio solutions is increasing dramatically. The market is full of accessible, individual solutions, but what about the need to transmit audio capturing multiple people at once, populating larger spaces such as meeting rooms or lecture halls?

ADECIA, Yamaha’s new audio ceiling solution, is here for you.

The Advanced Ceiling Microphone Conference System provides a complete audio solution for meeting rooms, classrooms or any medium to large space. It includes a number of basic components: a ceiling microphone, a central processor, a set of two Dante VXL1-16P speakers, and a PoE + switch.

In fact, all you have to do is bring your laptop or PC – ADECIA brings everything else.

How it works?

The ADECIA microphone has 64 capsules, which work together to create four dynamic beamforming microphone arrays. This means that if four people are seated around a table, each will have a beam locked onto them, clearly conveying whatever they say.

If a fifth person enters the conversation, the oldest unused bundle will be reassigned to them.

Besides its microphone, ADECIA has many other interesting sound features.

It has automatic gain control, adaptive echo cancellation and active noise reduction; it is software independent, which means it works well with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or any UC platform; and it’s Plug-and-Play.

It also has three different mounting options: you can opt for a flush mount, hang it from a pole via a VESA mount, or hang it from wires.

“These are very important in today’s design world,” explains Scott Coltham, Applications Specialist at Yamaha.

“With COVID, designers are trying to create more volume in spaces for air circulation, so a lot of meeting rooms go up rather than out. This makes the hanging microphone extremely relevant.

Quality and accessibility in one

ADECIA offers its user a complete and high-end audio experience while being extremely easy to install.

“Many solutions are quite complicated to install”, explains Reece Stead, Business Development Manager for Yamaha Unified Communications in the UK. “So it may take a bit of time and training to understand how the system works and to be able to make it flexible according to the customer’s needs. “

“We have used our expertise in audio for conferences and combined it with the demand for a solution that is much easier to install. This is how we created ADECIA ”

In fact, the first time a user connects their device to the ADECIA system, they guide them through an intuitive configuration wizard. The setup wizard allows the user to automatically tune their room, analyze the acoustics of the space and provide the best audio properties.

“You don’t need any in-depth acoustics or networking knowledge, so it’s incredibly simple and straightforward to implement. Even if you are a computer technician with no AV expertise, you can certainly do it yourself, ”says Coltham.

A variety of audio extensions

The ADECIA solution is easy to implement for non-specialists, but some may still want to extend it further and combine it with other equipment. So, no worries: Yamaha’s solution is definitely scalable – it just requires additional expertise.

This is where AV integrators come in.

“The speakers, microphone, main processor and switch – it’s a stand-alone unit, and it’s very easy to set up,” says Stead.

Where true audiovisual expertise comes into play is in the programming of more complex things, such as those related to digital signal processing ”

“ADECIA can operate with as many microphones as needed, all connected to a central DSP, and they don’t even have to be in the same room,” Coltham explains. “As long as they’re enabled by Dante, the network will be able to handle multiple channels. “

ADECIA is available from January 2021, either directly through Yamaha or through its local UC distributors.

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