WallGoldfinger presents a new conference table, credenza line


NORTHFIELD, Vermont. – WallGoldfinger Furniture, a division of Mark Richey Woodworking, unveiled a new line of conference tables, splashbacks and bins.

The new line, named Doko, includes round, square and rectangular conference tables with rounded corners, splashbacks with rounded “corners” and separate bins and recycling receptacles of similar design.

“We are excited about this line and its place in the fixed conference and commercial market,” said John Wall, vice president of sales for WallGoldfinger Furniture.

“WallGoldfinger is historically known for its bespoke work and reconfigurable table lines, but we know that fixed conference lines are easier to specify and are in high demand. We’re excited to offer designers and businesses a new versatile option.

The name of the product comes from the shape of the conference table base, which is reminiscent of the inverted shape of the doko baskets used by porters to transport goods in areas like Nepal.

Mark Richey, president of Mark Richey Woodworking, is an elite mountaineer.

“For me, this new line is not only reminiscent of the shape of the doko basket, but also the strength and integrity of the basket and the people who use it,” says Richey, who has climbed Everest in Nepal and supported the efforts. rescue. in the poverty stricken country. “Nepal is a hilly place with people of remarkable endurance. The framework for this furniture in American companies will be very different from its roots, but will provide the market with the same durability as its namesake.

The Doko table line is made from a variety of top materials, from cast acrylic to stone to veneer. The base of the table is made of curved solid wood staves with a unique metal base ring with a key-shaped component that extends to the stave.

For wire management, removable staves are integrated into the design. Smaller round wire management columns are available, or a larger wire management box slides under the table, allowing worry-free positioning of the floor cores.

The splashbacks and bins offer functionality, rounded corners, rounded cabinet doors, finished backs and a tall, slender metal base structure. The metal used on the line is anodized aluminum, WallGoldfinger’s first foray into anodizing.

WallGoldfinger joined Mark Richey Woodworking two years ago and all WallGoldfinger furniture is now manufactured at the Mark Richey factory in Newburyport, Massachusetts. See http://www.wallgoldfinger.com/productlines

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