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Douglas County Prosecutor Dalia Racine will dedicate a newly constructed conference room at the Douglas County Courthouse on Monday in memory of Bobby Tillman, who was murdered without cause on the night of November 6, 2010.

The dedication ceremony will begin Monday at 2 p.m. on the steps of the courthouse and the public is invited to attend.

“Bobby was different and wanted to do the right thing. That’s what made him special and made him a leader. Bobby led by example, ”said Monique Rivarde, Bobby’s mother. “I know Bobby is in Heaven and I’m motivated to live my life better so that I can see him again someday.”

The new Bobby Tillman conference room will serve multiple purposes for the district attorney’s office.

“We are happy to have a safe workspace to visit and speak with the victims and their families. This new room will provide our team with space to review the often voluminous evidence for trial and hearings, ”Racine said. “Most importantly, with the dedication of this space in memory of Bobby Tillman, we hope it serves as a constant reminder to our team of the importance of our work in seeking justice and serving our community.”

Tillman was only 18 when he was killed 11 years ago.

Tracen Franklin, Horace Coleman, Quantez Mallory and Emmanuel Boykins, unprovokedly, attacked Tillman that night, according to the district attorney’s office. Paramedics found him unconscious at the scene, and he was pronounced dead in hospital.

Boykins pleaded guilty to murder and was sentenced to life in prison. Coleman, Franklin and Mallory were tried and convicted, and were sentenced to life without parole for malicious murder.

“Sir. Tillman’s murder was a terrible waste for the life of a young man, a tragedy for his family and friends,” Racine said. “Our office is dedicated to achieving justice for victims of violent crime, like Mr. Tillman, and to meet and advocate for their families and loved ones.The conference room dedicated to his memory allows us a space to do both, and always reminds us of who we serve.

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