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The Rex Axon conference table 3D printed with a colorful Ferrari Rosso finish

Can your office be upgraded? When it comes to luxury furniture design, Rex Axon might just be the next coveted item on the CEO list. It claims to be the world’s first 3D printed conference table. It will definitely turn everyone’s head to see the curvaceous structure, a design inspired by neural networks. It is the first table of its kind and designed and produced by Polish companies Wolf and Patech. 3D printing in furniture design has been around for a few years and beyond some of the beautiful concepts created, the technology has some advantages for the industry, such as lower initial and inventory costs, faster implementation of unique changes and designs.

With a length of four meters and a width of over one meter, the furniture with a futuristic design was entirely printed in one piece. With handcrafted finishes and painted in the Ferrari Rosso color, this unique bionic creation is not only appealing to the eye, but at 260 kilos, the table withstands 2.6 tons of pressure, which means that it can even support the weight of a car. This is usually one of the big concerns for furniture designed with 3D technology, especially for everyday pieces like chairs and tables, where the designs are pretty to look at but their durability still needs to be improved.

The Rex Axon has been printed with Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology and is made from PET material – which is commonly used in the construction industry and for packaging water bottles. FDM is great for build strong, durable and dimensionally stable parts with the best precision. Other researchers have recently used it in their work, such as the famous racing family Andretti Autosport, a dpromote Stratasys FDM 3D printing technology to accelerate the design and development of their cars; in South Korea, researchers at Seoul National University use FDM to explore the limits of fashion creation, and partners of a health institute in Spain use Stratasys FDM machines to 3D print medical models.

The Rex Axon table pictured next to the Lamborghini Aventador

It took Wolf six months to build the Rex Axon. First, it was printed on a large format machine and then finished by Patech, in charge of smoothing the surface, using resin to coat the part and applying varnish. In addition, after painting the table, it was covered with a ceramic coating in order to protect it from any scratches. Once finished was pictured alongside the Lamborghini Limited Edition Aventador at the company headquarters and the famous automobile museum in Bologna, Italy, showing the aerodynamic similarities between the table and the sports car.

The Rex Axon table pictured next to the Lamborghini Aventador

The name itself is a combination of the Latin words Rex, which means king, and Axon, which means neuron. In fact, the table features a top surface with a pattern that resembles a turtle shell, while the design of the base successfully mimics a neural network connection, which also has practical application, as less material has been used. compared to other more typical basic shapes, while retaining its strength. The forerunner of this style was Zaha Hadid, who designed the Mesa coffee table, one of Wolf’s inspirations to create the Rex Axon, but other famous designs include the Nagami chair collection, the Ocke series, and the Batoidea chair. by Peter Donders.

The basis of the table was inspired by neural network connections

Poland, Wolf is a big name in artistic and functional projects in comprehensive design, digitization and modeling services using industrial technologies. It has one of the largest machine parks in Europe, which enables printing in FDM, SLS and SLA technologies. The Rex Axon may not be ready for mass production just yet, but maybe in the next few years this luxury tabletop model and others could be delivered to your office or home in a matter of minutes. days only. Would you buy it?

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