Smart Tint transforms the glass of an existing or new conference room into a smart conference room


Genuine Smart Tint® applies to smooth glass surfaces and easily transitions glass from its clear state to a frosted state with the click of a button.

NEW YORK, NY/ACCESSWIRE/September 2, 2022/ Smart Tint, Inc. is an industry leader in electrical Smart Glass technology and has been manufacturing in the USA for over ten years. This year celebrates over four million square feet of genuine Smart Tint®switchable film installed with the exclusive Smart Cling sticker® support.

Simple privacy on command: Genuine Smart Tint® transforms offices and conference rooms into personal spaces with a simple click. Privacy is achieved when the glass changes from clear to opaque. It is also dimmable for those who wish to variably control the level of tint. True Smart Tint® is ideal for corporate boardrooms, office spaces, conference rooms, reception halls, bathrooms and any glass that needs instant concealment without the use of bulky curtains or blinds. It is hypoallergenic, easy to clean and blocks 99% of UV rays. True Smart Tint® is made in the USA and available factory direct at Delivering high clarity and performance, each project is customized and strategically installed to suit each application.

Smart Tint® offers fast turnaround times, a five-year warranty, and virtually no manufacturing restrictions. Each film includes a separate serial number to validate authenticity. Top Fortune 500 companies such as PayPal, Federal Veterans Affairs, NASA, Facebook, Mercedes Benz, Space X, Tesla and others have used Smart Tint® Technology. Engineering time is included with every order if required, allowing knowledgeable staff to help plan all aspects of the project, from design to implementation. Follow this link to see some of the Smart Tints® Switchable film projects made around the world.

Smart Tint® comes in seven different colors for a variety of options, including white, gray, black, blue, green, pink, and yellow. Smart hook® Self-adhesive and Smart Tint® The non-adhesive mount comes pre-wired and ready to install, providing an all-inclusive turnkey solution. Smart Tint® doubles as a safety film and can also be used as a projection screen, transforming existing glass into truly immersive smart glass. It will convert any room into a distraction-free personal space with the flick of a light switch, remote app, or smart phone. Smart Tint® is 3rd party compatible, so it integrates with Lutron, Crestron, DMX, Audrino, Amazon Alexa or a simple wall switch and RF remote.

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