This space-saving, hand-welded conference table


Brad Allen’s cousin runs a garbage management consulting firm. They help large companies reduce the expense of their household garbage contracts. What does that have to do with a table? When they moved to a converted warehouse, they hired Brad to weld new furniture for the space. This included creating a table that could comfortably seat the team without taking up their entire tiny conference room. So Brad, who is 27 and works his day job as a fabricator for a metal shop while keeping his own space in Ramona, Calif., Got creative. The chairs are integrated into the table frame, mounted on casters and swivel in and out from below the table. He welded the 91/2 foot long piece from 11/2 inch 16 gauge cold rolled steel tubing. In the 16-gauge sheet metal top, he sculpted a set of storage hatches that open and close with reused piano hinges. A local upholsterer helped him shape the tops of the leather stools, and the paint job is a body paint usually reserved for Jeeps. Barely five years after welding school, it produces the work of a seasoned veteran of the trade. We will continue to expect great things.

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