WTAP conference room dedicated to former employee Dave Howell


PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) – A special groundbreaking ceremony has taken place for a longtime employee who tragically died last year due to Covid-19.

James David Howell, who was called Dave, was a beloved member of the community and an employee of WTAP.

On Wednesday, September 8, WTAP named its conference room in honor of Howell and held a balloon release ceremony in his honor.

Family, friends and colleagues were present for the dedication, and the family was grateful for the appreciation shown for Dave.

Dave’s wife Cheryl Howell described her late husband as smart, kind, loving, and simply the best. She said that during their 40 years of marriage, it was just happiness.

Since Dave passed away, Cheryl Howell has said it has been really difficult, lonely and sad. She described some of the challenges her family have faced since Dave passed away in December.

“… just knowing that he won’t come in, he won’t go through the door again,” Cheryl said. “And that was difficult because, with a COVID death, you don’t have any shutdowns, you don’t have answers, and you couldn’t visit the hospital or give them the kind of farewell that you would like to do them. I am lucky to have my family close. They took good care of me and I just need to figure out what to do with the rest of my life.

Howell has held two positions at WTAP, most recently as a sales representative. He and his family remind us all to be always grateful. Something his two daughters Danielle and Jennifer still experience today.

“He was a great father, we were fortunate to have wonderful parents and we really appreciate all that WTAP has done for us from his time in the hospital, through his death, and until to today, it just means the world to us and to us. with the community, ”said Danielle.“ It feels good to know how much your dad really was loved for someone who disliked them. attention, and we’re just blessed to have had it in our lives for as long as we’ve had it. ”

Dave Howell was 62 at the time of his death.

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