Escape From Tarkov conference room key: where to find it


Many players are looking for the new Escape from Tarkov Conference room key to get your hands on the secrets behind the locked door and hopefully extract with the goods in hand. The recent expansion of the lighthouse of Escape from Tarkov which arrived with patch 12.12.30 gave us some new buildings and a plethora of new loot points, but some of them are hidden first. So if you are looking for Escape from Tarkov Conference room key, keep reading below for all the locations and where to find the door.

Escape From Tarkov Conference Room Key: Usage & Location

You will find the door you can use Escape from Tarkov Key to the conference room in the lighthouse peninsula guardhouse.

First you’ll want to head to the previously inaccessible bridge leading to the titular lighthouse, which is on the south side of the map. The easiest way to get there if you’re unfamiliar with the map is to head west until you reach the main road that runs north to south, then follow it south until the road forks to the right.

Cross the bridge, then go through the door to the right of the main red doors. Continue through the door in front of you to enter inside the courtyard of the peninsula.

Escape From Tarkov Conference Room Key Stairs

Immediately turn around and you can see the guardhouse. It’s also technically the building you just walked into. Use the door on the right side to enter the cafe and take the stairs to the far right of the room.

Once you get to the top of the stairs, turn left and the conference room door should be there, ready to unlock and enjoy – if someone hasn’t already arrived before you.

One thing to be incredibly wary of is the likely presence of other PMCs in the area and the path leading to the lighthouse. As this is a new area, it is already attracting players eager to check it out. Generally it has lots of good loot, which will make it an easy hotspot, especially for rats in dark corners.

Keep your eyes peeled and your ears alert, because you never know what will happen around the corner. As always, if a door you know is locked is unlocked but closed, it’s likely someone is there at the time, so be careful.

Escape From Tarkov Conference Room Key: What’s Behind The Door?

Escape From Tarkov conference room key loot

Using the Escape From Tarkov conference room key will give you free access to the following containers and loot:

  • binder
  • PC block
  • Safe (locked and no known key yet)
  • 4×4 weapon box
  • Various bulk loot spawns (ammo, electronics, supplies, medicine)
  • Rare loot spawns on the desk in the back

The key currently sits at 90,000 rubles on the Escape from Tarkov flea market right now, and while that’s obviously subject to change, it could potentially be worth it, even with the rare desktop spawn.

Escape From Tarkov conference room key: how to get it

Escape From Tarkov conference room key how to get there

Unfortunately, there is no static spawn for the Escape from Tarkov Conference room key. You’ll have to resort to traditional key spawn locations if you want to access them naturally. These are the following:

  • Jackets
  • Scavs Bags and Pouches

If you are specifically looking for this key, come with a good jacket through the dorms on the Escape from Tarkov The customs map, or any other route you manage to find, should eventually get you the key. The obvious added effect of this is that you’re likely to also find at least one other high-value key by doing this, so it’s still worth it.

However, if you don’t have the patience for it, or just have some cash to spare, you can easily find it at the flea market for a reasonable price. We think you can definitely make a profit on the price of this key in just a few successful trips, so you’ll earn way more than you paid for after the full forty uses.

At present, the Escape from Tarkov The conference room key isn’t associated with any quests, so you don’t have to worry about saving its uses for future tasks, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be included in future quests. added after patch 12.12.30.

So that’s all you need to know about the Escape from Tarkov Conference room key, giving you all the information you need to find and use the item. If you’re on Lighthouse anyway, why not check out our Escape from Tarkov Vacation by the Sea for tips on how to complete one of the new quests.

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